Galapagos tours & Cruises West Islands + Genovesa Circuit Endemic Catamaran

Galapagos tours & Cruises West Islands + Genovesa Circuit Endemic Catamaran
As you cruise through volcanic rocks, islands and other island formations in the Galapagos archipelago, discover the wonders of West islands + Genovesa. Fernandina island's flightless cormorants can be viewed. You can also walk among nesting red-footed boobies at El Barranco. Then, cool off with the rays, sealions and iguanas of Isabela island. An 8-day tour that includes wildlife encounters and nature adventures will take you on a ride in a zodiac, along with hiking on lava and other geological formations. The Endemic is a luxurious catamaran that offers gourmet cuisine, world-class service, and private balconies in every cabin.

Day by day

Day 1 : Baltra Island & Santa Cruz Island: Bachas Beach
After your arrival at Baltra Airport, you will be met by a representative and transferred to the M/C Endemic. In the afternoon, you will visit Las Bachas on Santa Cruz Island's northern coast. You can take a walk or snorkel in the gentle waves. The beach is where sea turtles lay eggs. A rusted pontoon is another relic from the Second World War. Actually, "bachas", which is an incorrect pronunciation of "barges", was used to describe two of the wrecked barges that were found offshore. The locals mispronounced it and it stuck.
Day 2 : Genovesa Island: Darwin Bay & El Barranco (Prince Philip’s Steps)

Darwin Bay

Visit Darwin Bay in the morning. It is the only sandy beach in the caldera of Genovesa. The beach is home to colonies of Great Frigates. For the chance of a match, males show their red balloon pouches to females. Red-footed Bobies nest in trees, while the other two species do so on the ground.

El Barranco (Prince Philip's Steps).

You will visit El Barranco (Prince Philip's Steps), which is a stone-carved stairway. You will reach a plateau where you can see large colonies of frigate birds, stormpetrels, ducks, and masked boobies. This easy walk will take you through a Scalesia forest that is the habitat for the short-eared Owl. You will return to your boat by following the same route.

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Volcán Sierra Negra | Galapagos Islands


Transfers airport/yacht/airport in Galapagos
Airport reception and assistance
Double or single accommodation
Guided expeditions according to the itinerary
Top bilingual National Park guide (English / Spanish)
Cruise Service Officer
Activity daily briefing
All meals and snacks
Soft drinks and juices
Captain’s welcome and farewell cocktail
Supplied expedition gear

Does not include

Round trip to Galapagos
Galapagos National Park Entrance fee ($100 – subject to change)
Transit Control Card ($20 – subject to change)
Alcoholic and bottled beverages
Gratuities for guide and crew
Travel and health insurance
Micro SD Card
From $9,490.00 per person


Keep an eye out for dolphins as they swim at the bow of the Endemic catamaran
Walk amongst nesting red footed boobies in the mangrove forest at Darwin bay
Swim with marine iguanas as they feed on algae off the coast of Fernandina island
Learn about the flightless cormorant an icon in the theory of evolution
Enjoy a different sunset at a distinct Galapagos island every afternoon