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The Endemic is one of the most recent Galapagos Catamarans sailing in the Galapagos. It has plenty of social areas and spacious areas that allow guests to enjoy a luxurious accommodation boating experience. The yacht's transverse stability and twin hulls make it easy to cruise around the archipelago. Built in Guayaquil. The interior design was led and guided by Johnny Dominguez (a naval architect who is one of the most respected in the area).

The Endemic catamaran is a luxury boat of the luxury class. It can carry 16 people, 11 crew members and the tour guide. The eight Panoramic Suites offer a stunning view of the Galapagos Islands from their spacious, comfortable interiors. There are four cabins on the main deck, and one cabin on the upper deck. Each suite features a king-sized bed, a private balcony, and a lovely sitting area. The cabin views will make your stay unforgettable. A single cabin with a private balcony is also available at the Endemic. This cabin is ideal for solo travelers.

The Main Deck has a room that can be used for lectures and briefings. It is also home to the Galapagos Information Center with videos and books. You can also enjoy exquisite cuisine and a stunning view of the islands from the dining area. The menu combines Ecuadorian organic ingredients with fresh catch from local fishermen.

Sky Deck (sundeck) is a great place to relax. It offers al-fresco dining, outdoor passengers lounge, bar, jacuzzi, sunchair and seating. This is the ideal place to relax after or before your guided excursion on the Galapagos Islands nature trails, or to snorkel with the playful sealions.

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