What is the cost of a luxury Galapagos cruise?

What is the cost of a luxury Galapagos cruise?
The Galapagos Islands present a harsh terrain of sun-scorched lava, hosting resilient species that have adeptly adjusted to the challenging island existence. Nevertheless, embarking on an exploration of these captivating islands doesn't have to be arduous. Opting for a luxury Galapagos cruise provides the most comfortable means to discover these islands. However, the cost of such a cruise varies depending on several factors: the chosen vessel, the duration of the itinerary, and the travel time. In general, one can anticipate spending approximately $500 to $1000 per person per day on a luxury cruise in the Galapagos.
Lava flow | Santiago Island

If you wish to learn more about lava flows and visit the Galapagos Islands, the Endemic Catamaran offers 7 night itineraries that visit Sullivan Bay on Santiago Island.

When planning your budget, consider the following:

  1. Airfare.
  2. Cost of cruises
  3. You can stay in hotels on the mainland of Ecuador either before or after your cruise.
  4. Souvenirs.
  5. Gratuities.
  6. Alcoholic drinks include all types.

Galapagos Cruise Categories

In general, Galapagos cruises can be divided into four distinct categories based on cruising styles. Assigning an exact price range to each category is challenging due to variables such as cruise duration, time of year, and various other factors influencing prices. However, the following are general guidelines for a typical 8-day itinerary:
  • Luxury ($4,500-$7,500)
  • First Class ($3,500-$4,500)
  • Mid-Range ($3,000-$3,500)
  • Budget ($3,000)

At the budget level, the majority of cruises are shorter than a week and serve as suitable add-ons to other cruises or island-hopping excursions. However, they may not offer a comprehensive Galapagos vacation experience on their own.

What is included in the price? A Galapagos cruise, regardless of the level, is undoubtedly more expensive than a typical vacation. This is because Galapagos cruises are far from ordinary vacations. On a Galapagos cruise, you are granted a front-row seat to witness one of the world's most pristine natural laboratories. Opting for a luxury cruise ensures that you can explore it all with utmost comfort and elegance.

On a Galapagos luxury cruise, you can expect:

  • Your itinerary includes all transportation and visits to the sites.
  • Enjoy a comfortable stay on board the ship for your entire itinerary.
  • Master chefs prepare gourmet menus using locally-sourced foods.
  • Best bilingual nature guides
  • Enjoy the intimate atmosphere aboard.
  • Stable cruising.
  • Social areas that are unmatched, including outdoor dining, Jacuzzis, sundecks, lounges, bars, dining rooms, etc.
  • Friendly captain and crew.
  • Itineraries designed by hand to highlight all the Galapagos Islands has to offer.

How to save on a luxury Galapagos cruise

If you have your heart set on a Galapagos cruise but find the prices beyond your budget, there are several ways to save money.

  • One option is to book your cruise during the shoulder months of the off-season, which typically fall between May and June, as well as September and October. During these times, you may find more affordable rates.
  • Another approach is to search for last-minute deals. These deals often come with significant discounts, sometimes up to half the original ticket price. However, you must be flexible with both your schedule and preferred itinerary since availability largely depends on which cruises have vacant spots.
  • Consider booking a first-class cruise as well. While you may miss out on certain luxuries like champagne in your room or bathrobes, first-class cruises still provide comfortable accommodations, excellent menus, friendly crews, and knowledgeable naturalist guides. If a first-class Galapagos cruise fits within your budget, it is certainly worth considering.